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Davon's Hair Room

18 Logan Street

Mansfield, VIC 3722

PH: 03 5775 1646


Davon's Vintage Barber

4 Erril Street

Mansfield, VIC 3722

PH: 047 47 87 877


In 1849 - Peter (b 1818) & Agnes Davon along with 3 small children under 6, sailed from Scotland to Australia to Mansfield in Victoria. Peter had arranged work on Loyola Station for Dr Rowe' as labourer. For a period of 12 months at 30 pounds per annum for 12 months + rations.


Over 2 years passed, another child was born but Agnes passed still whilst the children were young. Peter married Elizabeth and as a family started a cartage business, transporting goods by 'team & wagon' to the closest railway in Longwood


Years Later, 1870's James (b 1845) & Julia Davon & family of 9 children settled at Springfield, a substantial holding in the Bonnie Doon area, close to Mansfield, 

As you can imagine in the early 1890's with a family of 9 children it was difficult - a hard farming life, tragedy & illness rocked the family but from this time the Davon family & descendants became entrenched in the regional community.


Once upon a time, Andy & Tim were trying to work out a name for their Vintage/Hair Room business. A suggestion was made by a family member to call it Davon's (as Mrs Marie Davon in the early 1900's operated a boarding house, in the same location as our original salon in Highett St.)

Andrea Dolling & Tim Skinner as proud descendants of this pioneering family have created -  ""Davon's"

Where you will find the best in; 

Hair Design, Barbering & Curated Vintage & Collectables   


Now in 2 Locations

Davon's - Hair Room @ 18 Logan Street

Davon's - Vintage Barber @ 4 Erril Street


 Mansfield Victoria Australia, 3722



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Davons - Hair Room


Davons - Vintage Barber  


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